Port  Summer  Show  2016

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Thank you all for auditioning here is the call back list:



Charity  Hope  Valentine
(Side  AND  Music)
Alexandra  DeAngelis,  Sarah  DeMarino,  Katrina  Wasserman

Nickie /Helene  
(Side  AND  Music  –be  prepared  to  read  both  roles)
Diana  Brennan,  Sarah  DeMarino,  Bridget  Doherty,  Julia  Gurlitz,  
Nicole  Manasseri, Katrina  Wasserman,  Allison  Winter,  Noelle  Young

 Vittorio  Vidal
(Side  AND  Music)
Evan  Gilmore,  Christian  Hill,  Ryan  Tawil

Oscar  Lindquist
(Side  AND  Music)
Jeffrey  Lockom,  Evan  Gilmore, Jack  Gilsenan,  Jordan  Youner

(Side  AND  Music)
Matthew  DeMarino,  Evan  Gilmore,  Jordan  Youner

Daddy  Brubeck(Side  ONLY)
Matthew  DeMarino,  Christian  Hill, Jeffrey  Lockom,  Ryan  Tawil

 Ursula  Vidal
(Side  ONLY)
Sophia  Andreadis,  Diana  Brennan,  Alexandra  DeAngelis,  

Sarah  DeMarinoNicole  Manasseri,  Allison  Winter

(Side  ONLY)
Katy  DuCharme,  Veronica  Lee,  Sarah  Mannix,  Sydney  Morrissey,  

Alissa  Salerno,  Sarabeth  Schiff,  Valentina  Scotto,  Lily Welsh

I will be emailing you your sides and music - PLEASE print them out and bring them along to call backs.

call backs:

May 31 at Sousa Elementary School 6:30-9:30pm

bring dance shoes and sides

Full Cast read thru:

Wednesday, June 22 at Schreiber HS 6:30-10pm

Rehearsals begin Monday, June 27th at Schreiber HS 6:30-10pm

Parent mandatory meeting Monday, June 27th at 7pm

in the Schreiber HS library.  

Pit and crew parents please attend

registration forms and money will be collected June 22 and 27th

or can be sent in before to our P.O. Box 811 PW, NY  11050

Port Summer Show 2016 Show Dates: August 4-7


Ticket booth opens at 6 pm

Tickets are $10 for adults

​$5 for students

​Senior citizens free on Thursday night.

   Doors open at 7:15 for 7:30 show

and 1:45 for 2:00 show

Port  Summer  Show

2016 presents:

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